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Copypasting is out of the question, our writers perform professional research and deliver original content. However, by , this shifted as many of the organizations and fighters involved in the Soviet-Afghan war had changed their focus to Kashmir following the wars end. Having been trained and armed by the U. Indeed, terrorist groups led by ethnic Kashmiris like Hizb-ul-Mujaheddin were moved to the side as Pakistani-run groups such as the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, the Lashkar-e-Taiba, and more recently, the Jaish-e-Mohammad took over the conflict.


As mentioned, both India and Pakistan were engaged in a proxy war in Kashmir, but for Pakistan, by maintaining a high level of intensity in the region would force India to commit forces and redirect resources that could otherwise be used towards an assault on Pakistan. In essence, it was a strategy which forced India to preoccupy itself with internal security rather than look outward.

This was in an attempt to gradually drain the Indian state of resources and will over time. Today, the insurgency and violence is at a low-simmer as militant violence has moved beyond Kashmir into a broader Islamist movement. Terrorist violence in India has moved beyond Kashmir over the past decade. Following the Soviet-Afghan war, Islamic extremists flocked to Kashmir to continue the struggle against non-believers.

Operating under the protection, and often times, direction and aid of the Pakistani government, the militants utilized the massive network and infrastructure that was in place to wage war against the Indian government. This changed how Pakistan handled the terrorist organizations it sponsored, but it also forced Pakistan to turn its attention internally as the U.

Terrorism's Impact on International Relations

Over the past decade, there are strong indications that Pakistan has tried to further distance itself from the acts of violence it sponsors. It appears that a strategy that emphasizes two degrees of separation has been adopted.

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Additionally, it is important to note that sponsorship can be either direct training and material support, or as little as looking the other way as terrorists operate internally. Given the nature of attacks in the recent past, sponsorship in Pakistan is probably leaning towards the latter. It is known that today most of the extremist organizations are more financially autonomous and that some of the groups have even turned on Pakistan following its complicity with the U. This undoubtedly highlights the existence of distance between Pakistan and the groups it closely sponsored of yesteryear.

This fact, shows that there was intent to grow the violence beyond the traditional confines where acts of terrorism historically have taken place i.