Short essay on my favourite sport cricket

People from different age group loves to play it and adore cricket from the bottom of their hearts. We can see youngster on the top of cricket lovers then children and adults left no chance to play it even on streets, roofs, empty plots or even grounds and we can easily spot people playing it with improvised bat, tennis ball and wickets. Cricket teams are considered deity in their countries and famous cricketers like shin warn, lance Klaussner, Virat Kohli, Shoaib Akhtar, Wasim Akhtar are famous names in this sports.

When countries like India Pakistan or England and Ireland, they are considered not little than a war. People stand still when these teams are in front of each other and even people leave their work and stuck themselves to TV.

Entire nation forgets their work and keeps watching TV. People celebrate when the team wins and mourn when any team lost the match. There are numerous teams around the world and more teams are coming into this sports. I do bowling sometimes and I am also a vice-captain of my team which is a more interesting thing for me.

essay on favorite sport cricket

I scored 55 in last inter-school tournament at our school. We grabbed the trophy and our team did our best in order to succeed in the match. We have a very hard-working coach who is very practical and take us into the field at 6 a. We first do warm up by taking a few rounds of exercise of stretching and cardio. Then we do practice as per our expertise like batting, bowling or fielding. I also enjoy watching every cricket match and I am thinking to start a blog for this purpose. Australia is my favorite team nowadays and I try my best to watch every match.

As cricket is my favorite game , then I often got the chance to watch live cricket at different stadiums in the country. I enjoyed those matches and witnessed great performances of different captains. I am praying that I may get more chance to see more live matches in the coming days or in the world cup. One of my favorite hobbies is playing badminton which is very exciting yet turns my passion on. I played my first badminton match at the age of 9 with my uncle. I am chasing this sports since that age due to several reasons. The first reason is that I have relatives in these sports which can guide me to become a professional payer who can really make an impact on my passion.

The second reason is that this game is a very healthy sport which can easily remove your stress and tension. Whenever I am in a bad mood,. I seek to play it rather than playing computer games or go out shopping. The third reason is that I have lots of friends who are enthusiastic about this game and I like to highlight the name LEE who is a pro badminton player.

We go together to a badminton court. He is a college student and very active in physical activates. I am right now not a typical sports guy but love to see myself in this sport in the future. I do not have a good athletic body with developed biceps and six-pack abs but I have passion for this sport so I am moving forward to get professional in this game.

I do exercise for this game like jumping rope etc. I love to sleep beside my current racket and often get tears in my eyes when I miss a chance to play badminton. My training is not a professional level right now as I am growing up and in school so getting fundamental skill is a bit crucial for me at this stage.

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On the other hand, I am waiting to join my school team of badminton and waiting for getting into the appropriate age for it. Whenever I get a chance to play it, I play it. I have known in my friend circle who has a high level of craze for this game. When new players enter either in school or street, I jumped in no matter what I am doing or I am tired. I am trying to learn new techniques of this game and thrive to improve my skills. I am deliberate to improve my skills and trying to make strategies in order to learn more about the moves of this game. One day I will be a professional player of this game and I will raise the name of my country too.

In this 21 st century, life is just not fast but it is taking a pace that needs to be working hard in day and night for survival. It makes our life exhausts so it is very important to have an activity which keeps us healthy and become a source of relief from our busy lives. And I bet games are the only source for it. Everyone loves to be a sports person as per their choice and my choice is to become a cricketer.

It is the game of gentlemen and very popular in my country and even around the globe. I have a passion for this game and I love to play this game which makes me very happy.

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The love of cricket is in my instinct. I am fully involved in cricket when I play it and it makes my mind focuses on my full mental power at one thing. It helps everyone to bear stress but makes them very active physically too. It also makes our limbs stronger when we run in the game and when we bowl our forelimbs get strengthen too so this is the whole story of maintaining our whole body in shape.

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It teaches me the lesson of teamwork and also teaches me how to coordinate with my teammates with passion and helps to build our endurance. It helps us to build a good level of confidence in ourselves and tell us to know we can execute those skills properly to win the match eagerly. It teaches us to the level of confidence but also makes us more confident and remain us into healthy, poised and serene. So cricket is my favorite game. Among people, games have been a source of joy who are bored with their routine of life.

This is the reason which makes the person unaware of other problems of life and this awareness is different from matters of the earth which makes it feel pleasure in a really better way. Many types of sports are dominating in different decades. Two decades ago, it was hard to use such current time technologies for any sports.

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This is making the many sports to decline and many others to rise. But there is one game which is really gaining popularity since mid of 19th century is Football. Football is my favorite game and many countries have their teams in this game. Many people around the world watch this game with keen interest. When twenty-two players landed in the ground, they are not just twenty-two players but they are two nations. This game is a source of happiness to my life and I love to enjoy it in the field. It lubricates my mind and body when I am running continuously.

Essay on my favourite sport cricket in Hindi

I can maneuver in this game very nicely and strengthens my power. This game is really a game of determination and gives lessons of persistent.

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Those who have little or no vigor to play this game they have no idea how precious this game is. So the mind must be kept sharp which its ill concentration may ruin the whole work of the game. The player must be quick in football and has to take very quick decisions not only rapid but they must be correct. This experience helps a person a lot in making quick decisions in football.

Essay Writing On My Favourite Game Cricket

It makes the player accustomed to every circumstance. In this game, time is given to players to make the score for victory for their own team. This management of time is also beneficial in daily routine and it helps us to become more relaxed and comfortable. Another thing that makes football my favorite game is that it teaches discipline. The players in the field must try their best to win, but not with unfair means. They should follow the right guidelines, and in the event that someone does not follow the rules, he is punished.