Short essay on musical instruments

It sounds like you're really musically talented! Do you have any tips to share for anyone who would also like to learn?

I can really understand you. I started playing drums yesterday and I'm a beginner. But I call myself as ''drummer'' hahaha! Whatever, even seeing that made me happy. I couldn't really hide my smile. I wanted to start practices as fast as I could do. I don't play any musical instruments. But i would like to play the violin ,guitar and the piano. My hobbies are :painting and drawing paintings,reading books novels ,listening to music,watching sport usually tennis and basketball and making something new of something old and that's it.

I think. I do not have a piano in my house because dad thinks it's too loud ,but I kept asking him for one so he said he'll buy me one in the summer. Although I haven't got a "real piano" but I download piano apps in my phone and Ipad but that is annoying so I asked the principal to let me play on the piano that is used to play the National Anthem at the morning and she let me"I didn't thought that she'll do".

I learned the piano completely by myself with the help of the internet. When I was six years old I learned to play twinkle twinkle and happy birthday "and other kid's song but I do not remember them anymore".

Favorite Musical Instrument

In this year I tried to play a song when hearing it without seeing the note. First it was too hard but then I succeed. That really improve my motivation to play music and I learned too much songs by using my ear! I don't play any instrument but I would like to learn how to play violin. I listen to a music very often I love it! New grammar question:Can I finish sentence with Or I have to say for what I'm able to? I didn't say that because I said "play"and "violin"too many times in 2 sentences. Thanks in advance,just want to improve my vocabulary and writing skills.

I stopped playing it because I had to study new subjects, for example geography and history , so I didn't have time for playing the piano. When I played the piano for four years ,I learned Mozart 's composition ,,Little night music'' and many other compositions. Thank you editors , your article has inspired me! I play piano and guitar too. But I don't have any music teacher, so I learned it by my self. But, I feel little bit hard for me for going professional. But I love to play "kentrung" too.. That's really funny:. I used to play the piano when I was young.

I would love to know how to play it now but I also have lots of hobbies, so I don't have enough time. I started to play guitar two years ago. I wanted to learn how to play bass, but now, I think it could be difficult with my timetable : I'm in college, and I have so many homeworks, and then, I have a lot of hobbies. Nevertheless, I willing to play in a band. Hi Nyssandre. It must be difficult to find the time to practise an instrument as well as your studies, so good luck with it. Maybe you can have a quick practice session every morning before you go to college, or in the evening before you go to bed.

It's great that you can play one instrument already. If you are thinking about taking up a new instrument, we have some more advice here. Thanks for your comment! Jonathan LearnEnglish Teens Team. I am now playing piano and guitar, and I'm loving it!


To me, the beauties of music not only come from listening and enjoying it, but also from being able to recreate it. Why I have continued to play through all these years sometimes baffles me; What are the benefits of playing a musical instrument? Everyone should learn how to play a musical instrument.

Lutz Jancke, a psychologist at the University of Zurich, states: "Learning to play a musical instrument has definite benefits and can increase IQ by seven points. For instance, when a child hears a cartoon playing in another room then they are residing in, the brain can tell if the voices they hear are from SpongeBob, or Looney Tunes.

The same process happens with musical instruments, although the actual term to describe it is timbre. Timbre describes all characteristics of music that have nothing to do with pitch, loudness, or length. An example of timbre within music would be when a piccolo and a clarinet are playing a. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the world's foremost manufacturer of guitars, basses, amplifiers and related equipment.

Everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the world's most acclaimed artists and performers have used Fender instruments and amps, and legendary Fender instruments such. Essay on Musical Instruments Words 7 Pages. Musical Instruments A fairly old instrument that is still in use today is the theremin. It has a particular design that is different from any other instrument around and is played much more differently then other instruments in circulation today. The theremin is an electronic musical instrument that is played using electrical fields.

Viola: review on the musical instrument: [Essay Example], words GradesFixer

When it was first introduced, society was shocked to see this instrument that could be played without even touching it. The theremin is tuned so that it has a range of three and a half octaves. The theremin's operation is based on the theory of beat frequencies. The instrument also has a peculiar look to it as well. Two antennas stick out on each side of the theremin. A vertical antenna is also located on …show more content….

10 reasons you should take up a musical instrument

The theremin gained more popularity when it made its way to America in In , RCA bought the rights to manufacture the instrument. Leon Theremin stayed in America, where he met Clara Rockmore, the theremin's first virtuoso. It is a popular string-instrument made of a piece of wood, the bottom of which is made a hollow and four pieces of strings are fastened tightly with four wooden nails fixed on the top of it. It is played by rubbing on a group of strings especially left and right repeatedly with a small stick, which is fastened with some strings. Sarangee resembles the violin in western culture.

Sarangi in Nepal is played from so many years.

Development of Musical Instruments

It has its own famous rhythms and tones. Sarangi in Nepal has been used as a instrument used to convey the message and news across t he country.

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The Gandharvas used to travel across the nation and go home to home sing the song of current affairs and earn some money. That was kind of messenger tradition. These are made from pieces of bamboo by making generally 6 holes on it.

The six holes represent the musical notes. Both of these instruments are similar in nature and played by blowing air through mouth. Both of these instruments produce almost same types of sound. These are also famous all over the country. In eastern culture flute represents lord Krishna. The names Murali and Basuri are synonyms and used alternately in some languages. Panche baja is called so because it is the group of five musical instruments played together.

The five musical instruments in panche baja are. It is a couple of flat round dish-like musical instrument made of brass or bronze, played by beating on each other. Narsingha A Trumpet : It is one of Panchaibaja Bajas made of two pieces curved copper tube that is played by blowing air through its mouthpiece. It is made of leather stretched over an end of a hollow copper bowl played by hitting with hands or sticks. Sanai A kind of clarinet : It is one of the Panchhai Baja. It is made of a metal shaped like a pipe slightly bent forward has couple of holes, reed on the top that you blow into.

Tyamko: It is also one of the Panchai Baja.

It is similar to Damaha in shape but very small in size, played with two pieces of sticks called Gajo. It is a kind of small drum made of skin stretched over an edge of a rounded hollow wood. It is played especially on the occasion of singing a kind of song called Roila and Balam. It is made of a harder cover of coconut by fixing some pieces of bamboo on it. It is specially played by snake charmers to make snakes dance especially in Terai regions. It is a shell of sea creature. It is played by blowing air on the occasion of worship and funeral procession.

Most of Hindu ritual starts with the sound of Shankha. Sankha is not the regular musical instrument to play. It is only used in ritual events.