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Cipriano Alonso 6. Lorenzo Alberto Alonso Mariano Alejandro Maria Alejandro Faustina Florentina 3. Teodora Alonso Manuel de Quintos Rosa Callianco 7. Eugenio Ursua Regina Ursua Benigna Ochoa. Read Benedict Anderson's commentary: [1]. He translated the poetry of Schiller into his native Tagalog.

Reinhold Rost was the head of the India Office at the British Museum and a renowned 19th century philologist. Laubach, op. Soon after his execution, the philosopher Miguel de Unamuno in an impassioned utterance recognized Rizal as a "Spaniard", " Retana, op. It is nonsense to say that the retraction does not prove Rizal's conversion; the language of the document is unmistakable.

After Rizal's arrest and exile, it was disbanded and the group splintered into two factions; the more radical group formed into the Katipunan , the militant arm of the insurrection. In his essay "The Indolence of the Filipino" Rizal stated that three centuries of Spanish rule did not do much for the advancement of his countryman; in fact there was a 'retrogression', and the Spanish colonialists have transformed him into a 'half-way brute.

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