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But this is not enough: They have a right to a special affection on our part, because we are their children, because they love us so tenderly, and confer so many benefits upon us. Love consists in kind sentiments and kind actions. Joseph showed his affection for his old father; he fell on his neck and embracing him, wept Gen. But kind feelings are not enough. Let us not love in word nor in tongue, but in deed and in truth 1 John iii. Therefore we ought to help our parents in destitution or sickness, and pray for them. The king, Frederick I. Even among the lower animals we find examples of affection towards parents.

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The young lions share their prey with the old, and the storks warm those who have lost their plumage through age; they bring them food and assist them to fly. John John xix. Just as parents are bound to provide for the education of their children, so it is the duty of children to obey their parents.

As in the State some rule and others obey, so it must be in the family; otherwise there can be no domestic order and concord. Virtue is expected of the old; submission of the young.

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Hermengild, son of Leovigild, King of the Goths, was imprisoned by his father in a tower in Sevilla, because he would not embrace the Arian heresy. The king promised to restore him to his favor if only he complied with his desire. He was accordingly martyred. Several other saints chose rather to disobey the command of their earthly than of their heavenly Father, and thus lost their lives. A man ordered his son to work in the fields on Sunday; the lad refused, saying it was forbidden by the law of God.

Parents have no right to dictate to their children in regard to the calling they shall embrace, for a vocation comes from God. Francis of Assisi would not let his father make a merchant of him; St.

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Rose of Lima refused to marry. Yet the advice of parents should always be asked; age gives them greater discernment and experience of life, and they are the best and wisest counsellors a man can have. The old are to be respected by the young. It becomes the elder to speak first Ecclus.

The Spartans entertained great respect for the aged; when an old man could not find a place at the Olympian games, they all rose up to give him a seat. Basically, children world views and mind were deeply shaped by their parents.

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Most of the children exercise what their parents practice. Children learn to make sense of what is going on around them by interact with their parents and surroundings. If children were raised in a good or positive way, there is a very great probability that our society would be better off. Hence, from my point of view, parenting should be a privilege for a better future not only for the children it own but also our society.

In the movie, Patrick and Angie have different thought. On the other side, Angie believed that Amanda will have a better childhood and future if she stays with Boston Police Captain and his wife but not Helene because they are better guardian compare to Helene and they love Amanda. In facts, Amanda seems happy staying with Boston Police Captain and his wife compare to her own mother Helene.

She is smiling and cheerful when she is with Boston Police Captain and his wife but she turn to quiet and seems lonely when she is return to her mother Helene. Although it is clear Amanda would be more closely watched and cared for by the Boston Police Captain and his wife, the abduction of the girl still consider as wrong. Moreover, the methods used to take Amanda from her mother are immoral and it is be outside the law. Boston Police Captain is a police and he should not break the law. Even if Helene is not a good mother, but she is the one who give birth and raise Amanda all these time.

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Her contribution This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it! Learn more. Responsibility Of Parents Essay words - 3 pages. Loading: Checking Spelling.

Read more. Our Responsibility as Parents Essay words - 3 pages Each of us hopes one day or another to have children; it is a difficult and lengthy process. In spite of the case, we all love our children and nobody can measure the magnitude of this love. As parents, we are responsible to provide to our children everything they need. We must feed, clothe, shelter, love them, etc. Family Rules And Television: Raising a child requires responsibility from parents who must set rules and boundaries words - 2 pages Raising an elementary child requires a great amount of responsibility from parents who must set rules and boundaries for the child.

These rules are meant to teach the kid right from wrong, and appropriate behavior around others. The parent's responsibility is to make sure that the rules set for the child are not out of place. Some boundaries might include bedtime, homework time, places that are allowed to go, or television time. As a parent, I. Caregivers and Parenting Roles words - 4 pages communication for parents. In return parents and caregivers gain partnerships. During a partnership they parents can help the caregiver and the caregiver can help the parents.

Certain laws may be discussed during an intake interview. For instance, as a caregiver it is the responsibility of the staff to provide protection to students while at home and school.

Therefore if a child is being hurt they have an obligation to report it to the police. Fast Food and Children words - 3 pages is also a major contributor to childhood obesity. Knowing how unhealthy fast food is, parents should take responsibility over the consumption of fast food not only for themselves, but their children as well.