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Autonomous Image Processing Based Robot

Ajoy Kumar Ray Jyotirmoy Chatterjee. Soft tissues like skin, fat, muscles and blood vessels experience benign and malignant tumors, excess deposition of extracellular matrix, cellular hyperplasia and hypoplasia, and are medically termed as lesions. In diagnostics, a small quantity of tissue is collected from the lesion as biopsy or through aspiration, followed by evaluation by an expert Pathologist.

This invasive procedure involves patient discomfort and results in hours of delay in reporting. Moreover, this practice is not feasible for critical organs, eyes, coronary vessels and healing wounds.

In this thesis, a set of multidimensional signal and image processing algorithms are proposed and evaluated for in situ diagnostic histopathology in real time using non-destructive subsurface imaging. The rational was to develop an analytically converging solution to a set of statistical physics equations to model tissue-energy interaction in acoustic and optical imaging using a transfer learning framework. In acoustic imaging ultrasonic propagation and backscattering in heterogeneous tissues are modelled and used to characterize tissues.

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