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Gelbert Crescencio. Gabriel Bastien. Student of Law. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Essays are for reference only. Do NOT copy or imitate anything! Important note:All these essays are strictly for reference only. Any form of copying or imitation isconsidered plagiarism and hence severely punished by admission officers. Remember that these 50 essays are very popular and have been around for a verylong time probably even before you were born!

Therefore, the admission officersare VERY familiar with them. Again, do NOT copy or imitate anything from theseessays if you want to succeed. This, I think is akin to aformation of self. Perhaps I have had the revelations even if the photos are nevertaken.

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I already know the dual strains the biographers will talk about, strains twistingthrough a life. This is DNA! So beautiful! It kills me to choose a field to choosebetween the sciences and the humanities! My mind roams, I wide-eyed, intoinfinite caverns and loops. I should fly!

Let me devour the air, dissolve everythinginto my bloodstream, learn! The elements are boundless, but, if asked to isolate them, I can see tangles aroundmedicine and writing. The trick will be to integrate them into a whole, and thenmaybe I can take the photograph. Aahh, is it already there, no? Iinvoke the Daedalus in me, everything that has gone into making me, hoping it willbe my liberation.

This essay got a high-school senior into Harvard, Yale, MIT, and other top schools

Music is one such element. The experience of plying in an orchestra from the insideis an investigation into subjectivity. Namely the position of the observer matters and affects the substance ofthe observation; even science is embracing embodiment. I see splashes of bright Plagiarism is severely punished! Perhaps in the audience you wouldsense something else. I think of rowing as meditation. Pshoow, huh, aaah; pshoow, huh, aaah. I can closemy eyes and still hear it.

We glide over reflected sky… and lean. I hear the oars cut the water, shunk shunk; there are noleaders. Once I heard an echo from all quarters.

Reading the Essays that Got Me Into Harvard

Perhaps mine has been a flight of fancy too. I love the words.

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I should be a writer, but I will be a doctor, and out of the philosophical tension I willcreate a self. Through excited language and illustrative anecdotes, she offers acomplex picture of her multifaceted nature. The writing is as fluid as its subject matter. One paragraph runs into the next withlittle break for transition or explicit connection. It has the feel of an ecstaticstream-of-consciousness, moving rapidly toward a climactic end. The author is as immediate as she is mysterious.

She openly exposes her charged thoughts, yet leaves the ties between themuncemented. This creates an unpredictability that is risky but effective. Still, one ought to be wary in presenting as essay of this sort.

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The potential forobliqueness is high, and, even here, the reader is at times left in confusionregarding the coherence of the whole. Granted the essay is about confluence ofseeming opposites, but poetic license should not obscure important content. Thisparticular essay could have been made stronger with a more explicit recurringtheme to help keep the reader focused. In general, though, this essay stands out as a bold, impassioned presentation of self. It lingers in the memory as an entangled web of an intricate mind.

Plagiarism is severely punished! And then there are the basketball players. Playingwith friends at home, I always imagined the booming ESPN voice of Chris Bermangiving the play-by-play of our street football games. Still concerned as senior year rolled along, I visited a growth specialist.