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Dee did not want to take it with her then, because she thought it was old-fashioned and out of style cf. Mama and Dee discuss about the disposition of the quilts and whereas Dee is afraid of Maggie using them for everyday use, this is exactly what Mama wants. With doing so they sooner or later will tear, but as Maggie knows how to quilt, she learnt it from Grandma Dee and Big Dee, she will be able to seam the ripped patch and at the same time broaden the history of the family with adding her personal character.

Due to this statement Mama completely realizes who of her daughters really is aware of the cultural knowledge and whom to give the quilts. At the same time she offers Dee to take some of the other quilts, but not the implied ones. Dee reacts with incomprehension and leaves after she claimed that Maggie and Mama just do not understand their heritage. But in fact it is exactly vice-versa and Dee is the one who has not understand what tradition and cultural heritage is really about. According to Burgstein intercultural competence is the ability to work effectively with people from a different cultural background.

The emotional competence and the intercultural sensibility are very important, because these skills enable the individual to consider the concepts of perception, thinking, feeling and of acting when dealing with a foreign culture. If the individual has got intercultural competence, he or she puts his or her own experiences aside while interacting with a foreign individual and is open-minded to learn new things about the other culture cf.

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Burgstein The curriculum for grammar schools in Bavaria assigns short stories, as well as the topic of intercultural competence, to the 11th and 12th grade cf. The handling of texts and media is a central issue of the curriculum. The pupils should deepen their knowledge and skills concerning different types of texts within different media. Moreover, the focus is also on the linguistic and stylistic as well as on the formal and structural analysis of texts.

The gained experiences, techniques and knowledge can be used interdisciplinary. According to the topic of intercultural learning and the Landeskunde, pupils should be confronted with situations of their personal field of experience and of the public life. Furthermore, the teacher should present topics with global meaning so that the pupils also gain knowledge about cultures that go beyond the British and American one.

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Due to the limited time frame pupils only deal with the basic aspects and the most important issues which they use to compare with their own and other cultures. With doing so they learn to respect other attitudes, behavior patterns and value systems and be open-minded and tolerant. By putting themselves in the positions of the representatives of the different cultures the pupils advance their intercultural competence and learn how to use this knowledge flexibly. Great importance is accorded to the reception and reflection of as current as possible events.

Intensive practice allows and alleviates the identification of correlations and comprehensive complexities. At best pupils should be aware of the more and more growing connections between different cultures and tune in to developments also outside of the EFL classroom to gain holistic skills of intercultural competence cf. There are various subject areas in the curriculum that can be covered while reading Everyday Use in class.

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It depends on the individual case which area is preferred or how the different topics are allocated. M E Martin Eder Author.

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Add to cart. Index Introduction 1. Summarisation of the content 2. Didactical analysis 4. Conclusion 6. Works cited Introduction This term paper provides the concept of a teaching unit concerning the short story Everyday Use by Alice Walker. Summarisation of the content Everyday Use was published in and is basically about a black mother and her two daughters.

Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Her own beauty was not enough, her style draped her in obnoxious and flashy clothing and jewelry. After she called to someone from within the car in another language, and before she reaches her patient family, she photographs them in front of the house while making no effort to join them in any of the pictures. As much as she tried, and succeeded, in disassociating herself from her past, she finally found a use for it. Normally the scene of her family outside of her house was what she wanted to escape, but as a photograph they were a trophy.

How poor her upbringing, how steep the odds that she would come as far as she has, to her friends those pictures would prove it all.

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Her name, as well, had been replaced by something just shy of being beyond the capability of their mouths. Read More.

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Make LSC part of your story.

Words: - Pages: 7. Words: - Pages:. Words: - Pages: 4. English for Literary Work Essay people have their own ideas of what literature is.

Maggie demonstrates the trait of vulnerability. This makes her to be extremely uncomfortable through her inward and outward appearance. Most of the time, Maggie liked to keep to herself and follow instructions. In the story, both Mama and Maggie are portrayed to be living in a run-down home and both of them were not educated in schools. They claim to have received teaching by means of another tradition assisted by their ancestors. The learning they received from their surroundings is out of reach of the present day society. Although Mrs. Johnson had few intentions of pursuing further education just like her daughter, Dee, she only managed to reach second grade Missy and Merickel, Nonetheless, she seems to be contented with her own education, which she had acquired from the ancestors.

By living with her mother, she learnt the skills of life by means of the experiences of her ancestors. Her mother also taught her some traditions. Culture through the traits of Dee is depicted in a different way from her mother and sister. Dee represents culture in the materialistic and complex context, which ought to be observed and looked upon, but not experienced. The way Dee handles herself is enough to shed more light on her perception about culture and heritage. As the story starts, the narrator takes time to tell the reader how the two sisters were different from one another.

Mama says that she is self-assured and beautiful.

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These attributes differentiates her from Maggie and Mrs. Johnson who were scared and rough respectively.

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She pursued further education away from her homeland. This depicts her as wanting to reach to the society in order to be famous. During the visit, which stood for her misconception on heritage and culture, Dee endeavored to reconnect with her traditional roots Cowart, The visit took place during the period of emerging black awareness and empowerment. Since it had taken years before coming home, she embraced the new lingo and style that was demonstrated by the modernized black women then.

She accompanied herself with a partner called by an Islamic name, Asalamalakim. Moreover, she now prefers to be called Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo. Here, the reader gets a sense of the disappointing behavior of Dede to her close relations.