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In my life, my mother is the person who occupies my heart the most. She always plays a vital role in shaping my life. My mother is a beautiful lady who takes care of me in every walk of my life. Her busy schedule starts before the sun rises. She not only prepares food for us but also helps me in all my daily works. Whenever I find any difficulty in my studies my mother plays the role of teacher and solve my problem, when I get bored my mother plays the role of a friend and plays with me. My mother plays a different role in our family.

She spends a sleepless night when any member of our family falls sick and takes proper care of us. She can sacrifice with a smiling face for the benefit of the family.

My mother is very hardworking in nature. She does works all day from morning to night. She guides me in every walk of my life. At a tender age, it was not easy to decide for me what was good or what was bad.


But my mother is always with me to show me the right path of life. My mother is the all in all for me. I could see this beautiful world only because of her. She has brought me up with utmost care, love and affection. According to me, the mother is the most trustworthy friend for a person. My mother is my best friend. I can share my good moments with her. During my bad times, I always find my mother with me. She supports me during those bad times. I have a strong admiration for my mother. My mother is very hardworking and dedicated to her works. I have learned from her that hard work brings success.

She does her works all day with a smiling face. She is the decision maker of our family. My father also seeks advice from my mother as she is very excellent in making a good decision.

My Mother: My Role Model and Best Friend

We have four members in our family, me, my mother-father and my younger sister. My mother takes proper care of us equally. She also teaches me the moral value of life. Sometimes when I stuck while doing my homework, my mother plays the role of my teacher and helps me in sorting out my problems. She remains busy all the time. Besides, my mother is a very kind-hearted lady. She always put her umbrella of love above our head. Mother is the first word of a child. As for me, my mother is the most precious gift of God for me. It is a very challenging task for me to describe her in words.

For every child, the mother is the most caring and loving person they have ever met in life.

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My mother also possesses all those qualities that a mother has. We have 6 members in our family; my father-mother, my grandparents and my younger sister and me. My mother is an early riser.

My Father And My Mother

She gets up at dawn and starts her schedule. She takes proper care of us and feeds us different delicious food. My mother knows all the likes and dislikes of each and every member of our family. She even remains alert and checks whether my grandparents have had their medicines on time or not. I have grown up with the moral teachings of my mother. She understands my feelings and support me in my bad times and inspires me in my good moments.

My mother teaches me to be a disciplined, punctual and trustworthy person. My mother is a tree for our family who provides shade to us. Though she has to manage lots of work she remains calm and cool all the time. There is a special bond of love between my mother and me and I always pray to God to keep my mother fit and healthy for forever. Famous poet George Eliot quotes. Life began with waking up. My day started when my mother gets me up early in the morning. For me, my mom is the best example of love and kindness in this universe.

She knows how to take care of us. My mom sacrificed a lot in order to shape my life. She has brought me up with utmost love and care. Mother is another name of true love. My mother whom I call mom turns our house into a home. My mother is the busiest person at our home. She gets up much before the sun rises and start to perform her duty.

She cooks food for us, takes care of us, goes shopping and even plans our future too. In our family, my mother plans how to spend and how to save for the future. My mom was my first teacher. She also plays a vital role in shaping my moral character. My mom never tires of her responsibility.

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My father also depends on her whenever he finds any difficulty in taking any serious decision. Rachel Simmons, a parenting expert and author, said the idea of work-life balance is a "fool's errand. Simmons went on, addressing how Bazelon's NYT piece might not have been as controversial if it were written by a man.

Simmons said that by going to work, parents are showing their children that they have something else in their lives that gives them purpose. It's not. The term traps women in an endless cycle of shame and self-recrimination. There are millions of women every day who don't have the choice to miss work, to go see an event for their children who could be fired if they did that. Here, Simmons offers tips for talking with your child when you have to miss an important event or travel, due to work. Avoid minimizing what your child is feeling.

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Steer clear of responses like, "It's not that big a deal" or I'll go to the next one. Instead, acknowledge that this is hard. You might say, "If I were you, I'd feel sad, too" or "I understand why you're disappointed. I would be too.

Explain why you need to be away. If the reason is financial, say so: "I have to work so that I can support our family. I work so I can provide us with food, clothing and the fun things we like to do. Stay focused on explaining your absence, not making your child feel guilty about the fact that you have to work.

If you love your job, let them know. Explain why you care about your work. Perhaps you help others, or make their lives better. Maybe you make a difference in the world.