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Prevention of tardiness among the high school students of Manresa School. The study is very important because many people would be able to benefit from this study; namely, teachers and the tardy students themselves. During the course of this study, the group will be able to find out what the causes and effects this might have on not only the students, but also the teachers and staff.

The study can also help those who are experiencing tardiness over and over again without being consciously aware of the reason, and may also help those who wish to conduct this kind of study in the future. The group can use this information to help anyone looking for psychological, physiological and social aspects of tardiness. Anyone who wants to know more about preventing someone from being late can make use of the information retrieved from this study.

The professionals, not only the students can also experience being late. They will also be able to make use of the study, and this study can virtually benefit anyone who has to be somewhere at sometime. The study focuses on preventing tardiness among the high school students of Manresa school.

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It is a specific topic but still covers a lot of factors. The study indicated that among high school students, the grade point average is connected with absences and tardiness. This means that students with better attendance and punctuality have higher grade point average. Her study was also able to show that attendance and punctuality of students are not consistent throughout the year. There were more absences and tardiness at the latter part of the year.

Lastly, Gender has also revealed to be a non-factor in the attendance and punctuality of high school students.

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How to Stop Being Late Forever (advice for myself and other chronically late people)

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Although termination is always an option for employees with excessive tardiness, there are times when an otherwise wonderful employee simply needs a nudge in the right direction. Employees who have issues with tardiness often are the younger, less experienced generation; most of the time, all they need is to be steered in the right direction. The small survey conducted clearly concludes that there is a remedy for being late to work although the real remedy lies within each individual person. There is no room for tardiness in the workplace.

Being tardy — A sign of disrespect. The Effect of Tardiness on Businesses. Running late: dealing with chronically late employees who cost the company in productivity and morale.

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February Human Resources: The bottom line for motivating employees. How to deal with tardiness in the workplace.

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