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But now man is the master of the three worlds: land, air and sea.

He has also conquered space and landed on the moon. All these have given man a sense of happiness resulting from scientific achievements. Electricity has contributed to human happiness more than anything else. Modern man no longer sweats in hot weather.

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He has fans and cooling systems to enable him to enjoy his summer. He no longer suffers from cold in winter. He has heating systems to keep him warm in winter.

Are we happier than our Forefathers? Who is more happy? Let's re define Happiness - Shilpi

The cinema , radio and television are daily entertainments for man. Traveling is very comfortable now. Our forefathers could hardly move out of their houses for lack of adequate means of transportation. One who traveled a few hundred or a few thousand miles was a history maker.

But traveling by land, sea or air is not only safe and fast today, but also comfortable and enjoyable. To sea new place and meet new people has been of the greatest pleasures for man. Rest and entertainment are also a great source of human relaxation. Homework to do.

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Book analysis purchase Are we happier than our forefathers Science Stress Psychological if five minutes ago i felt joyful or peaceful, that feeling is now gone, and i may well feel angry or bored. Case of study starbucks Debate: We are happier than our forefathers - Debatepedia even if we focus only on the fate of humans, it is hard to argue that the life of the ordinary welsh coalminer or chinese peasant in was better than that of the ordinary forager 20, years ago.

Home Sitemap. In fact, modern life is a hard competition with much mental strain and worry since man became a city-dweller.

do you think our life is better than our forefathers?

The fight is harder, the jealousy between nations has increased since communications brought us into touch with other people. Never have doctors had so many cases of nervous strain to cure; never was there more fear of war. How is it that, with increase of material comfort, there has not been increase of happiness?


Our forefathers lived in villages. They knew none of the fine things mentioned in the preceding paragraph, but were engaged in tilling the soil for a living. In the evenings they sat in quiet talk with their friends, interested only in the affairs of the life in their own village or small town.

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They went to bed by the light of little lamps, not caring what might be going on hundreds or thousands of miles away, and slept peacefully and in contentment. They did not feel the need of the fine things which we have come to look upon as necessary for life Contentment is real happiness. This should not be a new truth. The old teachers of this religions preached simplicity.