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Use a timer, work intensively for 25 minutes on one thing , then take a 5 minute break.

After four minute bursts, take a longer break. When your brain tries to distract you, you just have to make it through to the end of the 25 minutes, rather than aiming to spend all day concentrating.

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If you think of something else you need to do, write it down, then carry on with what you were doing. Most people find this a challenge, but try to create a binary state. You are either working, or not. Being in some sort of half-way in between state is no use to anyone.

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Be nice to yourself; eat well, sleep well, and socialise. Subscribe for more! Subscribe for updates! Additionally, despite capitalization being inherently dyadic, the literature has generally neglected the role of the responder.

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In this thesis, I offer a more balanced view of capitalization by building theory centered on the responder and on characteristics of capitalization. Drawing from person perception theory, I suggest that when a responder attributes capitalization to an impression management prosocial motive, he or she is less more likely to perceive the discloser as warm.

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Also, when responders attribute capitalization to a cause internal external to the discloser, he or she is more less likely to perceive the discloser as competent. In other words, in contrast to current theory, I posit that the why and the what of capitalization are determinative. Sign up now to get top stories from the Foster School of Business straight to your inbox each month!

Climate change poses many challenges for business operations worldwide. The study evaluated multinational companies MNCs and the implications of climate change on their business operational activities.

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Moreover, the study Sparks, Roland J. Southern New Hampshire University , This paper examines the affects of culture on the marketing strategies of multinational retailers. The paper develops a model of nineteen international retail marketing strategy factors and relates them to the five cultural Mertz, Sharon A. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the impact of firm strategies and corporate performance on enterprise software market growth in emerging regions.

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Baker, Michael A. The following dissertation is structured as two related essays on tax systems and corporate tax avoidance. As stated in the dissertation, "Corporate governance is an important dimension of management.

Appropriate governance practices lead companies to continuously improving prosperity by guiding them through environmental It is well known that emerging markets are more risky than the developed markets therefore Harrison, Michael J. Approaching a country as a brand is growing in importance and significance. The act is arguably one of the most significant reforms to affect the U.