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Undoubted quality in the use of both primary and secondary sources, but not sustained across the entire range. A mark in this range may reflect excellence in aspects of the dissertation but some technical or stylistic weaknesses. Upper Second Class Well argued and clearly focused, based on wide reading of both primary and secondary source material; well structured, revealing a clear logic; showing a breadth of knowledge but may lack creativity or incisiveness; weighing up and evaluating evidence, and identifying key issues, and, where relevant, appreciating the extent to which historiography is contested.

Well written with few technical errors.

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  4. Lower Second Class A competent delineation of a subject, using some primary source material, but may lack sustained focus, have a limited argument or tend towards the assertion of essentially derivative ideas. More descriptive than analytical, without the kind of critical reflection characteristic of answers in higher mark bands. Shows some understanding of strands in historiography where this is relevant.

    Dissertation - Marking Criteria

    Based on limited reading and documentary work. Provides a reasonably structured account but with some signs of confusion; may contain errors of fact or interpretation. The writing lacks fluency and may be clumsy in places. Reliant on only a small quantity of source material and reading, deployed in an illustrative rather than an analytical manner.

    Third Class A thin piece of work which nevertheless demonstrates some knowledge of relevant material and an ability to marshal it. Inadequately informed; erroneous in matters of fact and interpretation; poorly organised. Poorly written. Careless presentation; absence of references. A mark in this range may denote a failure to address primary sources, and consequent reliance on secondary sources to produce a survey-type account; an absence of serious argument or of any attempt to shape the topic and identify questions and problems; superficiality.

    How To Write A Dissertation at Undergraduate or Master's Level

    Pass Without Honours Signs of some research but at an elementary level. For the most part confused and poorly expressed. A small element of analysis. Contains significant grammatical and spelling errors.