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Surveys will provide a limited amount of information from a large group of people and are useful when you want to learn what a larger population thinks. Observations: Observations involve taking organized notes about occurrences in the world. Observations provide you insight about specific people, events, or locales and are useful when you want to learn more about an event without the biased viewpoint of an interview.

Primary and secondary sources

Analysis: Analysis involves collecting data and organizing it in some fashion based on criteria you develop. They are useful when you want to find some trend or pattern. A type of analysis would be to record commercials on three major television networks and analyze gender roles. Summary: Primary research involves collecting data about a given subject directly from the real world. Example: You are conducting research on a proposed smoking ban in Lafayette, IN.

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Little information has been published about the topic other than a few editorials and letters to the editor in the local paper. You can conduct primary research in the form of surveying individuals in the surrounding community and local decision makers to gain more information.

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Example: If you are writing about the activities of the Purdue Football team one of the best ways to learn about the team is to go talk to them and observe their behavior. The primary research was presented first to the board as we decided it was most useful in making an informed decision. In order to accurately predict the popularity of a product in development, a company should conduct their own primary research , rather than relying on past statistics of similar productions.

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  7. Navigating the myriad of health insurance plans available can be incredibly complex, with seemingly an avalanche of acronyms and abbreviations being thrown around. It is information that is shown for the first time or original materials on which other research is based.

    Primary sources display original thinking, report on new discoveries, or share fresh information. Examples of primary sources: Theses, dissertations, scholarly journal articles research based , some government reports, symposia and conference proceedings, original artwork, poems, photographs, speeches, letters, memos, personal narratives, diaries, interviews, autobiographies, and correspondence. These sources offer an analysis or restatement of primary sources.

    Primary vs. Secondary Sources: Primary vs. Secondary Sources

    They often try to describe or explain primary sources. They tend to be works which summarize, interpret, reorganize, or otherwise provide an added value to a primary source. Examples of Secondary Sources: Textbooks, edited works, books and articles that interpret or review research works, histories, biographies, literary criticism and interpretation, reviews of law and legislation, political analyses and commentaries.