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The main entrance traditionally consists of two doors, so the gods always appear in pairs. This is why door gods all have angry eyes, twisted features and hold traditional weapons. They are ready to protect the family against any demon or spirit. He ordered two generals to guard him outside the door. The cries were never to be heard again and the Emperor decided to paste portraits of the generals on the door. Although these decorations are not as popular in modern times, some regions of China still do this to bring peace and fortune into the household.

Similarly, Chinese people decorate by hanging up certain words.

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The most common word is fu, happiness and good fortune. It is written with calligraphy onto a square piece of red paper. These can then be pasted onto walls, doors or windows. Fu is often incorporated into other decorations, such as paper cuttings and paintings.

As a play on words, many like to put fu upside down. This pun represents that good fortune is coming, or is already here. This clever play apparently began as an accident though.

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The story goes that the servants of a prince decorated the manor for the holiday by pasting fu onto all the doors. The prince was enraged at this, demanding why they were so careless. Thankfully, one servant was able to think quickly and made up the explanation for the pun. Originating from the Shu era more than one thousand years ago , Spring Festival couplets have a long and rich history.

What is Chinese New Year?

In ancient times, these couplets were carved into tablets made from peach trees. According to myths, there was a giant peach tree in the spirit world. Every morning, the spirits who visited the human world must return there.

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The entrance guarded by two gods. Spirits who did harm during the night would be captured and fed to the tigers. People began to carve the names of the two gods into peach wood to protect against angry spirits. This transformed into writing blessings and, later, poetry on red paper.

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An optional shorter third line is placed above the doorframe. Much thought is put into these poems.

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The number of words of each line should be the same; if you're writing your own use a word counter to make sure each line contains the same number of words. The format and rhythm should be either identical or complimentary. Some writers even take the challenge of using alliteration or the same side radical for each word. In line with all New Year decorations, these paintings are used by the people to express their wishes for the future year. The traditional Chinese art style is used, but with the invention of printing technology, the style and image depicted diversified.

Some call these paintings the encyclopedia of folk life.

Concepts can go from heavenly creatures to folktales to everyday activities. A large majority of prints depict either a chubby doll-like child or a beautiful woman. It is unclear when exactly the celebration of the New Year began in China.

8 Rituals and Customs To Celebrate Chinese New Year

Its celebration is said to have originated from the year end religious ceremony observed during the Shang Dynasty BC - BC. When the tradition first began, the date of the New Year celebration varied from mid-winter to early spring. Hence, he established the first day of the first month of the traditional Chinese calendar as the beginning of the year, and Chinese New Year remains celebrated accordingly to this day. The following is a brief list of developments in New Year celebrations at different points in history:. According to tales and legends, the beginning of Chinese New Year started with the fight against a mythical beast called the "Year.

On the night of New Year's Eve, the "Year" would come out to harm animals, people, and their properties.