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The worthiness of a dietetic product is dependent upon the way it helps people expel weight. The folks who have used such sites are in the place to offer efficient Particulars. A business program is quite a route of discovery. These competitors tend to compete in terms of service provision to the internet users. The top competitors of the named ones for Yahoo are Google Inc. The key executives in the firm head the structure of the organization.

The head of the structure is the Chief Executive Officer who is also the president of the firm. The Chief Executive Officer usually does most of the managerial activities and decisions in the firm. The growth and development of the firm majorly depends on these individuals Associated Press. The management of the company mainly lies in the hands of the Board of Directors and the Key Executive members of Yahoo. The management team of the company tends to manage business at the company by ensuring that employees perform their duties as scheduled, and that the users of Yahoo receive the best products and services in the market IFM.

In September, the management team headed by the chair of the firm decided to fire the then Chief Executive Officer, Bartz. This decision was consequential in terms of business for Yahoo when a number of potential buyers came in with the idea of buying parts or rather the whole firm. In September , the current Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo made a decision of closing the deal the company had with Alibaba in her managerial post.

This particular deal; was controversial and it earned the company a negative image in the business fraternity. In relation to sales and earnings of the key financial finding for Yahoo is that the company has been able to grow its bottom line. The variables that tend to affect the earnings of the company include revenue, earnings per share, price to earnings ratio, and return on equity.

The variables tend to change from time to time and this affects the earnings of the company Mortensen p There are a number of activities and decisions that the company did to affect its financials. For instance, in during the quarter that the company made progress in its financials, it is indicated that various activities took place. The CEO stated that the executive team was reshuffled leading to its growth, there was the launching of unbelievable Yahoo!

There are also a number of decisions that the company made which led to negative impact of its financials. They include signing a business deal with the Alibaba group, creation of the Yahoo! It is with no doubt that global issues are affecting business at Yahoo. For instance, there are various global issues that can be discussed. Advancements in technology is one of the global issues that affect business at the company since it is an internet company.

Many technologically advanced companies around the globe are coming up with advanced internet service provision, and this tends to keep Yahoo on toes Belew and Joel p Another global issue of concern is the fact that majority of people around the globe communicate through the social medias in the internet.