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Regarding a thesis: Teach students that creating a good thesis has two purposes. The first is so that the reader knows where the piece is headed. But the second is so that the writer knows where the piece is headed. Related to this: Planning is essential before writing. You need to know your thesis so that you can keep the piece focused. The piece would develop into a better essay than the thesis.

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With a full point being for a good thesis, a student must plan before writing and must write within the context of the thesis or no point would be assigned. You could print and laminate the teacher version to use and reuse with each essay you grade!

AP English: Essay Section Scoring

Second, plan a lesson to introduce your students to the new rubric. Review the student-facing checklist with them and prep them to use it for self-assessment on their next essay. Third, assign your first practice essay of the school year with confidence! Plan to have your class practice writing thesis statements, and give students plenty of opportunities to practice and workshop more straightforward evidence and commentary strategies.

If your school partners with The Graide Network, take advantage of the opportunity to get personalized feedback for your students from one of our qualified Graiders. Graiders complete qualification modules to demonstrate proficiency with the new rubric in addition to calibration exercises specific to each prompt. Log in to your Graide Network account , and pick from any College Board released prompts dating back to How it Works.

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Log In. The first is the analytical nature of the rubric. Since the categories are broken down into three distinct sections, it is easier to consider each portion of this score separately. Second, I found the new rubric particularly thorough in its explanation. Each reporting category clarified what types of responses would or would not earn a specific score for that category.

The explanations were more focused and clearer for their descriptions. The three scoring categories are: A Thesis 1 point possible B Evidence and Commentary 4 points possible C Sophistication 1 point possible. The one for me that seemed most difficult to discard was seeing an essay as either an upper level or a lower level essay. The new rubric discourages such thinking, which many of us experienced scorers often relied upon when first reading through an essay.

So this would be my advice to teachers: Remember that you are always a writing teacher. Teacher Checklist. By teaching the 'So What?

Paragraph Grading Rubric - Grades 9-12, AP ENGLISH LANGUAGE, AP ENGLISH LIT

Activities , Handouts , Minilessons. Add to cart. Wish List. They are two student handouts that I include with student syllabi and review incessan. Writing-Expository , Literature , Writing-Essays. Handouts , Posters , Rubrics. AP Literature courses: introduction to elements of fiction through a short story bootcamp. Includes instructions, assignments, schedule with room to add due dates , and grading rubrics.

Literature , Short Stories , Writing. Projects , Lesson Plans Bundled , Homework. One useful exercise for AP English Literature students is learning to explicate a poem. Poetry explications consist of breaking down a poem and analyzing all of its poetic elements to explain its theme and meaning. Two sample explications are included to assist you. This short unit contains a guide t. English Language Arts , Poetry.

Assessment , Homework , Rubrics. Includes instructions, grading criteria, and questions to gets students thinking about their topic. Projects , Handouts , Outlines. Beowulf AP Literature. This fun and creative unit is packed full of different activities that keep things fresh and keep the learning flowing. Students are first introduced to the time period and complete a couple of assignments to familiarize themselves with any necessary background information.

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Creative Writing , Literature , Close Reading. Projects , Unit Plans , Activities. This page program--full of discussions, models, and practice activities--takes kids though the entire process of writing an AP Lit essay. A quick tool that allows your students to assess their knowledge of literary terms broken down by forms. It also includes terms for graphic novels, time periods, and artistic movements.

Easily adapted to any grade level! English Language Arts , Vocabulary , Literature. Activities , Assessment. This unit has been compiled for my AP Literature and Composition class for the beginning of the school year to review or introduce them to Greek Mythology, which is often alluded to in literature and some of the questions on the AP Literature exam refer to these allusions. In order to gain a bette. Projects , Unit Plans , Graphic Organizers.


How To Use The New AP® English Scoring Rubric

This is a super easy way to give common feedback for common mistakes. I give this to the kids when I pass back their first essay of the year. I have them paste it into their comp books. When I pass back the essays, I have them use it to see what they need to work on. I do wonder why we have to score so many assignments, though.

In my setting, I don't have to, and I don't. Much of the time, students get feedback without a score, which makes the goal of improvement quite clear. Additionally, students can provide feedback for each other. Interestingly, the act of critically evaluating someone else's work is generally more beneficial than the comments they themselves receive from their peers.

I think the whole idea of feedback is very interesting, and I am glad that you raised it. I also agree, you never really know till someone actual reads your work and gets the read pen out. My first English class in college there was more read marks then actual writing with a D- grade.

I was a B student in English class in High School thinking I could write fairly well for someone that like math.