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No way he's top 10 and certainly not even close to top 5. He'd probably make it into a top 30 of all time if all you look at is records Name 5 atg better than Lewis you say? Sure that's easy. Goodfoot , Sep 7, Funkasaurus , Sep 7, Lewis had the tools, the skills and the gameplan. He beat every guy he fought and dominated for over a decade. Top 5 ATG, fo' schizzle. Along with Ali, Louis and Holmes. The fifth spot is debatable Johnson, Jeffries, Foreman.

Rob Marciano Says Goodbye to ‘Entertainment Tonight': ‘Weather Is My True Passion’

Hagler , Sep 7, Possibly ranking him too high but top 30? Joined: Mar 1, Messages: 20, Likes Received: 4, Can I bring the lol ring rankings in yet? Sunfish , Sep 7, Joined: Sep 6, Messages: 51 Likes Received: 0. Last edited: Sep 7, Rocky Marciano v.

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What is 'Antithesis'? With example.

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You must set realistic goals and, while you should expect progress over time, recognize that progress is never linear. Some will see rapid gains only to plateau just as quickly. Others may not see results for several weeks and then the changes may come only gradually. You must set realistic goals and understand that gains may not come in regular, predictable increments.


Making lasting changes is serious business and takes time. Be patience and set realistic goals. Plus, that heavy-duty guilt will keep you on the straight and narrow.

Herein lies one of the major reasons that making positive changes can fail—there are no real consequences. Beyond the physical and psychological rewards of remaining faithful to creating positive habits, what additional consequences will help to support your efforts?

Get started today.

You should think creatively about what incentives you can use to reward yourself and what consequences you can use to keep yourself accountable. Note of caution: Avoid those long-term rewards such as a trip to Hawaii or even a new outfit.

Thoughts from the Expats Corner

Publicize your goals to friends and family. When people publicly announce their intentions, they are much more likely to follow through. Once you have identified your goals, tell everyone you know, including friends, family and even co-workers.

Ask them to check in with you and support you. This puts you on the spot to remain accountable to your goals. While it takes some personal courage and vulnerability to share something that you might fail at, social support is a huge variable in successfully pursuing your goals, and you can dramatically increase your odds of success if you have support from those around you. The difference between doing something rather than nothing is huge.

Studies show the likelihood of continuing a behavior once engaged in that behavior is extremely high—this is especially true of physical exercise. Be resilient. Successful people are resilient people.