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However, simply just having a long password is not even the most complex way to make one. For example, if your password were all numbers, then each time you added an additional number to the length of your password, it would increase the possibilities by ten. This may seem secure, as eight characters would create million possible combinations. However, the simplest of computers could guess every possibility in a little more than a day.

If more than one of these computers are used, or especially a brand new home desktop or supercomputer, the results would almost be instantaneous. The best way to have a password be complex is to incorporate all types of characters. This way means using not only letters, but a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. An eight character password with all four types would increase the possibilities to 7. The amount of time it would take to crack this sort of password would increase to over 20, years for a simple computer, or 82 days for a super computer Lucas, A business would clearly want to implement this type of secure password guidelines to protect its information.

There is a tradeoff between having a secure password and an easy password Beyond Par Consulting. Having complicated passwords might cause some forgetful users to write their password down in order to remember it. Doing so defeats the purpose of having a secure password in the first place if an unauthorized user who wants to access the network were in close proximity to the password, such as an employee in an adjacent office. Another issue with forgetting more complicated passwords is that one has to use the time and resources of the IT staff to help reset or recover the password.

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An easy way to help users remember their passwords is to have a coding-type system. For example, have the user pick a phrase that is easy to remember. Once the users have their word phrase, they can use only the letter at the beginning or the end of each word being consistent. The password will be harder to crack since the letters will most likely not make a word, however the user will have used a phrase they know, making it easy to remember. The next step is to change the capitalization of a few letters and to add numbers anywhere to the password.

The password would be complete with symbols Microsoft. Once the password is complete, the phrase that was used could be written down, adding some security with some sort of simplicity Breaking Par Consulting.

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This type of password could still be cracked, but the amount of resources it would take to crack the password could possibly outweigh the benefits of the stolen data. Even if a coding system like this one were too impractical, having users simply change the capitalization of certain letters in their passwords, and adding a number will increase the security of passwords and help prevent cracking Practically Networked.

While it is important to understand the characteristics of a password and what makes it strong, it is also important to understand how the degree of password strength and policies regarding password safety are implemented in the business world. Corporate policies are the modes by which companies train their employees in password management, and these policies can vary greatly between corporate cultures and industries.

This section will cover many of the requirements companies put on password creation and management, as well as provide examples of implementation strategies and corporate policies used today. First, understand the expectations placed on companies between industries. Obviously, you would expect the defense contractor to have tighter security and protection surrounding its information. free password – subslacletimekortesiratikas

These same security precautions carry over into the creation, implementation, and management of password policies as well. To illustrate, a Goldman Sachs employee is required to change his or her password once a month, and also include in the password uppercase and lowercase alpha keys, at least one number, one special character, and a minimum of 8 characters in length; whereas a library policy found online required only 6 characters in length with any combination of letters, symbols, and numbers Marshall, Ben; CNSSL, Sample Password Policy.

With security expectations in mind, a company then begins to build its policy. Sample policies that are available to anyone for free can be found through organizations like the SANS Institute. These sample policies illustrate how a policy contains sections for the overview, purpose, and scope of the policy, as well as the actual standards and guidelines applicable to employees SANS.

Companies may use outlines like these samples in helping them to script or adjust their policies to make them more applicable to their company and industry. This section will preview three common practices commonly used by companies in their password policies. Periodical Password Changes: corporate policies often outline requirements for employees to change their passwords on a periodic basis. This requirement is a common standard among policies today, as it limits the likelihood that the employee can use the same password for other applications or has given an unauthorized user the means to enter the system for an extended period of time.

There can also be different time requirements for changes between passwords; for example, a company may require its employees to change their system-level passwords twice a year while only requiring the user-level password once a year. A policy like this one would emphasize the level of security placed on the server-level password over the user-level one. Obviously, the length of time between required changes can vary greatly between companies based on the level of security they expect to maintain.

Some companies even require their employees to change their passwords as often as once a month Marshall, Ben!

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Password Contents: as discussed above, using different characters is a common tactic recommended in every password policy that places greater security on the construction of passwords. Password Protection: policies can cover protection issues from how passwords are to be stored through complex encryption processes, to how employees are to protect their passwords by not writing them on their computer screen. In fact, a common corporate policy is that employees are not to write their password anywhere. Companies often store user names and passwords in a secure place for employees should they forget them.

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Storing these passwords is an effort to deter users from making their password available anywhere. When implementing a password policy, managers must anticipate how the employees will react to the guidelines.

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Will they think the new policy is an unnecessary nuisance? Will they think the policy is too vague or too restrictive? In explaining the policy, employers must be certain that employees understand the repercussions for breaking the policy, which can vary between companies. For example, when dealing with classified information, negligence in upholding password policies is a criminal offense. Instead, some managers believe that it is more helpful to stress the importance of password security, not the implications of breaking policy rules Wikipedia.

Even with the policy in place and training completed, it is still very difficult to gauge whether users are following the policies set forth, as many of them can be difficult to detect, such as not writing passwords on post-it notes. The importance of this training cannot be stressed enough, as it concerns the security of an organization.

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For example, the required minimum password strength can be as high as is practicable, but any effort will be fruitless if an employee tells someone else the password, or perhaps sends it unencrypted over an email. Therefore, the implementation and enforcement of policies are crucial to keeping company and employee information safe.

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An issue that companies run into when implementing strict password policies, like requiring complex or assigned passwords that are difficult to remember, is that people often write them down on things like post-it notes or somewhere near their computer. In an effort to prevent employees from writing their passwords down, companies have also provided physically- and logically-secure places, like a fire-safe or encrypted file only available to root users, where employee passwords are stored CNSSL, Sample Password Policy; Password Policy, Wikipedia.

The first example of using a fire-safe to store employee and company passwords is somewhat outdated in common practice. Instead, companies turn to password tables, teeming with encryption options, to safely store passwords and keep data safe Leon, Password tables basically store user names and passwords and match them to the values entered by users attempting to enter the system Leon, While in this database, administrators need to ensure that the user data is stored securely, using hashing methods to protect from unauthorized use.

However, basic hashing often does not give enough security to protect against knowledgeable hackers. Sometimes, varying strength levels of passwords may be applied to different security levels of information as well. For example, pass codes to firm-wide resources like the kitchen may be the same password for everyone and may be very short, whereas entry to a research lab might require a more unique and complex code. This example is a very simple one, but it illustrates how a company may use a universal password to prevent employees from using one password for everything.

It also illustrates how not all areas requires authentication need to have the same level of security. Finally, having a strong password and strong security governing the storage of passwords, does not ensure complete security. The final level of password security rests with users. There are a multitude of threats to even the most secure passwords, and thus it is important that organizations create and train their employees in the necessary policies to prevent threats from causing damage.

The idea of a password is to prevent unauthorized users from accessing a secure area. So how do unauthorized users still manage to get access? There are a number of password-cracking programs that use a number of different cracking methods. Two fairly-related ways to crack a password are the brute force method and the dictionary attack method.

The brute force method is the simplest of all cracking methods, which means that it also takes the longest to achieve its goal.

The Cain and Abel password-cracking program found at Oxid. As the complexity of a password increases, the number of possible combinations also increases. Thus, the best way to prevent a brute force method from succeeding is to simply make a password more complex. For instance, instead of requiring a password to be composed solely of numbers, it could be required to have a mixture of letters and numbers. The more complexity that is added to a password, the longer it will take for the cracker to gain access.